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Learner Drivers

Getting your P plates can be a stressful task for newer drivers but at Red Car Driving School we are here to help, we have a wealth of resources to assist you. Our approach is to teach safe driving skills, not just how to pass a test.

Safer Drivers Course

The safer drivers course aims to provide learner drivers with safe driving strategies such as speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness, safe following distances and developing strategies to avoid crash risk situations.


Bringing you the latest in changes to driving laws, safety rules and guidelines, any news from RMS as well as any other changes that drivers on NSW roads should be aware of, brought to you by the team at Red Car Driving School.

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At Red Car Driving School with over 10 years experience, we create a comfortable environment with welcoming instructors. You can rely on us to make the driving experience as enjoyable as possible while giving you the tools to become a safe, competent and prepared driver.

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What Others say

The Safer Drivers Course is a great way for learners to gain a 20 hour credit and learn how to handle the responsibility of being a young driver. The facilitators were professional and knowledgeable and the driving instructors were excellent!

Ben Duncan

Friendly and efficient in the booking process. Helpful but direct and honest in the instruction. Recommended for all new drivers to really get a strong safe start to their driving skills.

Nicole Poelzl

All my 3 children have gone through Red Car driving school and have all had wonderful experiences. I highly recommend them as their communication is excellent and instructors are so patient and professional.

Tanya Climan